Monday 14 July 2014

The Swimmer by Stephanie Rocknak

This amazing piece was completed by Stephanie Rocknak in 2007. It was carved from a single piece of basswood and is slightly larger than lifesize. It is part of a 3-piece commission, The Triathlete. The other two pieces include The Biker and The Runner.

Each Triathlete piece shows a sense of movement. As Rocknak tells us, "These days, I am not very interested in sculpted figures, or real people, that 'strike a pose.' I am much more intrigued by folks who are on their way to or from somewhere. They seem more genuine to me."

The way Stephanie Rocknak has managed to capture the sense of movement through the water as the swimmer tilts their head for a gasp of air demonstrates  real artistic skill with the splashes of water suspended in air.

The incredible detailing in the swimmers arm and hand showing the veins and ligaments remind me of Rocknaks well known 'The King' I posted on WeirdWoods Facebook page some time ago.

You can see this piece as it was being made here:
To find out more about this incredibly talented artist head over to the web site page here:



  1. That is extremely impressive.

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    1. You would have to contact the artist here:

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