Saturday 24 December 2011

Stuff I Like ~~~ Beds

Just thought I would post a few pictures of other peoples Eco-Friendly Weird Wooden stuff I like. This is the sort of thing that inspires me in my own work. This post I shall dedicate to beds.

These amazing beds are made from juniper a wood I have never had the chance to use myself but the two tone colouring and twisted nature of the stuff I find fascinating, these three pics are just a taster of the amazing pieces which can be found at:

Juniper Bed with Burl Redwood Slabs

These three pictures are beds made by Paul from Free Range Designs, a designer and woodworker living in Wales, making beautiful original furniture from eco-friendly materials while spreading a positive environmental message.

This clever four poster utilizes different thickness's of timber to very good effect, one of the many unique ideas found at:

Two more interesting numbers using unconventional wood with a more conventional style of construction to be found at:

I hope you enjoyed my selection, just some of the many Weird beds I have found. With one third of our lives spent in bed I think it's only right that we should choose an aesthetically pleasing bed to sleep in .

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Rustic Oak Bowl

This gorgeous oak bowl I carved from an ancient English Oak I cleared from a village just a few miles from my workshop. Rough carved over 18 months ago and then left to 'season' before the final shaping. The bowl was sanded down the grades to a 180 grit paper, then 'saturated' six times with pure Tung oil.

The finished result is absolutely stunning with a myriad of patterns for the eye to feast on, a heavy weight chunky rustic bowl, slightly elliptical with a medieval non-symmetrical feel.

13" Long x 10.5" Wide x 5" High (3" deep inside)    2.5 Kilograms

It's farm house table, It's country cottage, It's hobbit home. I'm so impressed with this one I can't bear to part with it .....well .....not unless I get a very good offer  :)

For more bowls or mirrors on sale visit my shop on


Thursday 22 September 2011

Large Oval 'Checker' Fruit Bowl

Newly listed in my Folksy shop is this huge fruit bowl. I've been playing around with the orientation of the layers of plywood with this one and am very pleased with the results.

The next bowl will have a 'herring bone' pattern in one layer  :)


23.5" Long x 12" Wide x 3.25" High         Weight 1.7kg

This Large Oval fruit bowl has been carved from four layers of plywood laminated together, one layer has been sliced then stood on edge in a checker pattern near the top of the bowl to create an eye catching effect before lamination.

Finished with four coats of Tung and Linseed oil mix, to a high gloss.

This bowl is 'food safe' due to the natural oils used to finish and extremely heat resistant.
A very unusual 'talking point' as a table display on a larger dinning table or side board.

Friday 2 September 2011

Love Heart Mirror

This piece was commissioned as a wedding present. Designed by Su Stephenson with the final design approved by the customer before commencement of work.

We tried to create a symbolic piece here for such an important occasion, the intertwining of the two halves forming the shape of a heart representing the commitment of love.

Ideal hung in a hallway or small wall area with a height of 3ft by 1.5ft wide and 1.5 inches deep.

The two tones were achieved by laminating a blonde coloured plywood onto a darker heavier ply to create a highlighted ridge, a quality mirror glass recessed and boarded then subtly finished with four coats of satin polyurethane.

As usual the pictures do not do full justice and fail to depict the depth of the colours, unfortunately time did not allow for some better pictures to be taken of this piece.

Monday 29 August 2011

Artist / Illustrator Joins WeirdWood

   WeirdWood are pleased to announce Artist and Illustrator Su Stephenson will be devoting some of her time to future designs of WeirdWood pieces.

  After spending many years as a full time mother Su can now devote more of her time to her art work which has developed a unique style of it's own. She is also the Illustrator of several children's books written by her father Alan Stephenson which have been published in the United States.

  One WeirdWood mirror (a commissioned piece) has already been designed by Su and we can look forward to many more to come.

  To view Su's creations with WeirdWood check out the latest goings on at the WeirdWood Facebook page by clicking here:-
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Sunday 13 February 2011

What Is WeirdWood ?

So here we are, not too sure where to start !

A Little about WeirdWood and what it is I am trying to achieve. The concept is to make interesting and out of the ordinary pieces of furniture and 'useable' art with minimum impact on the environment, whilst satisfying a growing need to express myself.

Most of my work (at the moment at least) is made of plywood, this is a material which has always fascinated me because of the amazing patterns which can be created by carving this timber at various angles yet retaining the incredible strength that's inherent in this material.

I use the many types of plywood which are available to form an array of pieces including mirror frames, bowls, picture frames, clocks, sconces, hat & coat racks and tables, the shape and finish of which are limited only by the imagination.

By laminating together differing types of plywood and altering the orientation of the layers allows a limitless amount of detail for the eye to feast on whilst making the piece more tactile.

Wherever possible plywood  for my work is either rescued from skips, off cuts from furniture makers/builders or even found as fly tip, all of which would have gone to landfill had it not been 'liberated'.

Mirror glass, clocks and other fixtures and fittings used are more often than not also quality rescued items which are then upcycled into a piece of art.

Waves Clash.  Large Mirror.  6'4" x 3' x 2"

The Large Mirror Above at over 6ft x 3ft and a full 2 inches thick is just one example of the type of  thing available from my Folksy shop and if you appreciate what you see why not become a fan of my Facebook page.  :)