Monday 27 February 2012

WeirdWood gone squiggly

I'm really pleased with the effect achieved with this large square fruit / display bowl, with a random pattern carved into the base and gentle fluting into the corners accentuated by the shine of the deep satin lustre.

Square Squiggly Fruit Bowl 

18" x 18" x 3" (457mm x 457mm) 

Base:   8.5" x 8.5" (215mm x 215mm) 

A large display bowl with a random squiggle design carved into the bottom. 
This bowl is hand crafted using four pieces of quality plywood laminated together with layers one and four being a subtly lighter shade of timber to highlight the rim and base design. A graduated fluting effect runs from each corner down into the base where it turns into a random pattern 8mm deep. 

At 1.5ft square this would make an unmissable centre piece for a larger dining table or as a display bowl in a hotel / catering environment. 

Finished with four coats of Linseed / Tung oil mix giving a subtle satin effect. This fruit bowl is food safe and extremely heat resistant. 

As with all WeirdWood art pieces each item is absolutely unique with its own identifying number stamped on the reverse. 

Handmade at the WeirdWood workshop in Staffordshire using only renewable energy produced 'on site'. 

This item plus many more functional art inspired pieces can be viewed and purchased at:    :)

Wednesday 22 February 2012

The Bowl of Confusion

I had real fun making this one, although it was a bit time consuming. Using two types of plywood, one a blond soft wood the other dark hard woods, this bowl has been constructed with each of the four layers alternating in style and orientation.

Layer One has been left in it's normal flat alignment as an impressive blond rim to the bowl.
Layer Two, a darker wood has been cut into strips, turned 90 degrees then re-laminated to create an 'edge on' effect.
Layer Three was achieved by cutting the ply into short blocks and re-laminating them back into a 'herring bone' pattern.
Layer Four had the plywood cut into strips then laminated back together with every other strip set on edge.

The picture below depicts well the overall effect with layer three being my personal favourite as the herring bone construction gives the illusion of the timber bending as it turns the corner of the bowl.

13" x 9" x 3.25"

Finished with four coats of linseed / tung oil mix this fruit / salad bowl is food safe and extremely heat resistant.

This item is for sale along with many other WeirdWood creations and can be found at: