Friday 4 July 2014

Self Sorting (sorta) Bin

I stumbled across this neat little hardware organiser on Craftster and just had to share. It fascinated me for it's simplicity of construction and the fact that it can be adapted and utilised for other bits 'n' bobs that need organising and separating in the craft world.

This was created by a guy who goes by the name of  Wulf  working as a theatrical prop builder and from Toronto. Although this design is fairly basic to look at you could go to any lengths with the woodwork to make it look fancy.

From the exterior it's easy to imagine that inside would be full of chutes, tubes and moving parts in order to separate what ever it is that your going to separate, but when you take a look inside it's very straight forward indeed, with the front removed you can see the trick is just that each drawer just goes a little further back than the one above it. 

I assume you would have to make sure that the smallest items to sort would have to be the first slot (smallest draw) then increasing in size with each subsequent slot (draw). The technical draw backs I can see is with larger items 'stacking up' in one place obstructing the operation of the draw, personally I would increase the height of the the draws with each draw having a sloping bottom so gravity naturally wants to push the items to the front. I think this would work great with coins, a child's piggy bank with lockable draws perhaps ?

A relatively straight forward d.i.y. project with potential for adaptation.  :-)



  1. Wouldn't it be better if there was sliders making possible the same size for all drawers? Great idea though!

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