Saturday 11 April 2015

Boneshaker Big Wheel ~ A Penny Farthing with Legs

I have always loved the old  'Penny Farthings,'  ungainly looking bicycles with one huge front wheel and one tiny rear wheel which would usually require an athletic leap or the help of an assistant in order to mount the saddle. But this incarnation from Ron Schroer uses a Theo Jansen style walking legs mechanism to replace the rear wheel.

This video was shot in 2014. Ron suggests that the design has been improved upon in 2015. We can’t wait to see the new version.

Ron Schroer  is a Jacksonville native with a creative side that comes out through amazing art projects.

Schroer says the 'Boneshaker' project was inspired by Theo Jansen, the Dutch designer who makes wild and wooly wooden creations. Besides making the vehicle weirder and more fun, the legs allow it to traverse more rugged terrain.

Schroer previously outlined his idea, which was submitted to OneSpark 2014 in Jacksonville, by having his granddaughter star in a video in which she said Schroer was trying to make the whole penny-farthing dance. While the penny-farthing may not be due for a revival, it's still neat to watch this thing move.


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  2. This is my dream come true. Wood & Cycling!! Although the wife doesn't like me bringing the bike in on our Wooden Floor

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