Friday 9 August 2013

Tree Sculptures by artist Philippe Handford

These visually stunning sculptures by artist Philippe Handford turn illegally cut down trees into impressive artworks.

Philippe has essentially reconnected these cut up trees in an interesting way. These incredible forest sculptures can be found in Northwest England. 

Philippe started doing this in 2012 but has recently created more chopped down tree sculptures. The newest ones are done in arches that intersect with one another, as where Handford's first fallen tree sculpture looked more like a crawling inchworm.

These shots show off Philippe's beautiful works both in summer and winter. These sculptures some how look even more stunning when they are lightly covered in snow. 

Wooden sculptures are pretty common, but the idea of putting cut down trees back together in the woods is an extremely creative approach to wooden art.

Check out Philippe Handford's work on his web site below  :-)


  1. I love wood sculptures in their natural setting and these are really cool. Thanks for sharing

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