Sunday 25 January 2015


Family business in Colorado Springs specialise in turning the profile image of you or your loved ones into unique wooden keepsakes.

Turn Your Head is a family run business based in Colorado Springs U.S. who cleverly use the  'Face versus Vase'  illusion to create a permanent profile portrait of your loved ones.

At  'Turn Your Head',  they fill the space between two opposing profiles of your face. By spinning that space into a three dimensional  “visage”  that follows the outlined silhouettes of your two profiles, thus creating the "Pirolette".
Place the “Pirolette” to your face and it will match your profile. Locate it near a wall and the shadow of the "Pirolette” will be your silhouette. Your profile captured forever in an object of art. An optical illusion of shadow and light, each one unique because it’s you!

Here's what Tom Beshara the creator of  'Turn Your Head'  has to say about the inspiration behind his creation:
"We started Turn Your Head in October of 2004.
The idea started to evolve after my first daughter, Cortney, was born in 1977. By the time my second daughter Ryan was born in 1979, I had an image in my head.
It all began with an ultrasound picture. The profile of my daughter was prominent in the picture. It lead me to wonder how much she would change and if a simple Polaroid was enough? My wife and I would still wear out the camera on our two daughters that much I knew, but I wanted something special and different to capture their likeness.
I've always been a fan of the "Optical Illusion". Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, these are the men I took my inspiration from. I wanted to create something that only I understood. At least, that's how it started. When I created the Pirolette, named beautifully by my wife Lorie, it was exactly that. My secret, it was a personal memory of when my daughters were so young. What the Pirolette turned into, was a conversation piece. Someone would start to look at it, maybe they would see one of my daughters faces ...maybe they wouldn't... but it never failed, they would always ask what it was.
It was because of all these family discussions throughout the years that my daughters finally convinced me to share the Pirolette.
The Pirolette isn't a photograph or memory. It's a solid artifact of a space we forget to look at. My daughters were my inspiration and now I'd like to share that with you."

The “Pirolette” is hand crafted from American Black Walnut, Cherry or Maple and hand polished to a natural lustre.



  1. I LOVE this. Awesome and unique

  2. Awesome!A friend sent me a pic of the baby, took a while to find you, you should check pinterest and facebook and tag your images there. Nice work.

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