Saturday, 17 March 2012

Large Knobbly Display Bowl

This large display bowl has been created by laminating together four identical plywoods, a fifth blond plywood to add contrast was laminated to the inside of the base then carved around by hand in a random design to add a quirky and unique eye catching pattern. 

This is probably the most difficult piece I have had to sand so far with most of the detail being sanded by hand.
The finished result was well worth the effort though, an incredibly tactile bowl that makes you want to roll a marble around the inside like one of those children's toys !

Item No. 3121     19" diameter x 3" deep     12.5" diameter base     1.8 kg 

The base design as you will see from the pictures is not only carved into the darker timber by approximately 6mm but also raised above the base in a contrasting blond timber by approximately 6mm giving a pattern relief of 12mm between peaks and valley's. 

There is also a slight recess running around the exterior of the bowl to create a shallow carrying lip.

At over 1.5ft diameter this would make an unmissable centre piece for a larger dining table or as a display bowl in a hotel / catering environment. 

Finished with four coats of Linseed / Tung oil mix giving a subtle satin effect. This fruit bowl is food safe and extremely heat resistant.

As with all WeirdWood art pieces each item is absolutely unique with its own identifying number stamped on the reverse.

Handmade at the WeirdWood workshop in Staffordshire using only renewable energy produced 'on site'.  

This item and many other original pieces can be viewed and purchased from:  


  1. Well defined shapes. Extremely beautiful.

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